Play Therapy Academy

Helping you develop confidence using play therapy with children, adolescents, and families like an expert in your community!

So you want to be a Play Therapist?

Play Therapy Academy will help you transform from a nervous, struggling beginner doubting your abilities to a confident, play therapy expert who gets amazing results for your young clients!

What is ...

Play Therapy Academy

Play Therapy Academy is a VIP membership-like experience to help you develop your ability to hone in to identify the "roots" of your clients' presenting problems using detective-like skills so you can formulate a plan for their success.

What's Included

Monthly play therapy online consultation/ supervision group meetings

These group meetings meet the Association for Play Therapy requirements to achieve the Registered Play Therapist credential.

Access to self-paced courses within the Play Therapy Academy

These online self-paced courses focus on helping you develop excellent foundational play therapy skills so you can access your play therapy super powers to make a difference in the lives of children, adolescents, and families. These online self-paced courses include play therapy continuing education non-contact hours.

The online play therapy consultation/supervision groups focus on helping mental health professionals working with children, adolescents, and families identify behavior and relationship patterns as well as identify the underlying emotional issues for your clients' presenting problems.

How will Play Therapy Academy level up your play therapy skills?

You'll learn how to tap into your own "nerdy" superpowers and mental health detective skills to become not just a good child/adolescent therapist - but an excellent and sought after child/adolescent therapist in your community because you get amazing results for your clients and their families.

You’ll learn to use critical decision-making skills to determine what type of play therapy and expressive arts interventions to use and when to use them.

You'll learn how to confidently integrate parents/guardians in the treatment process and how to keep them engaged as an effective agent of change for their child.

You’ll  learn to recognize clinically relevant themes in your client's sessions and their progress through the stages of treatment when using play therapy and expressive arts modalities.

The online self-paced courses will teach you the foundational principles of play therapy and the importance of providing ethical and culturally responsive play therapy services.

  • You'll learn skills to develop excellent clinical conceptualization skills so you can identify what's causing the problem and how to "fix it." 
  •  You'll learn tips and tricks for documentation to write excellent treatment plans and progress notes.

It’s not enough to just take trainings to learn new skills

We need to know how to use the techniques learned in the trainings to help our specific clients as situations arise during our therapy sessions. That’s why it’s important to have the support and feedback from experts to help guide us when learning new skills.

(like your very own Yoda so you too can become a mental health Jedi)



Group Coaching

The Play Therapy Academy group typically meets twice monthly for 90 minutes using an online platform.


Members Only Discount

Active program participants will receive a 20% discount to all trainings provided by Cathi/Renewing Hearts Play Therapy Training. And a $50 discount for Individual Play Therapy Supervision.


Private Group Chat

Participants have access to a private group chat for additional support and resources between group meetings.

Play Therapy Academy

Book a free 30 minute call if you're ready to take your play therapy & expressive arts skills to the next level. Let's find out how I can help you become an expert in your community using play therapy expressive arts to help your clients heal!